1. Felonies
    Felonies are serious criminal offenses that carry possible prison sentences, and restrict your rights for the rest of your life. Edward Flint has decades of experience handling felonies from murder to robbery, sex offenses to white collar crime, drug charges to theft and forgery. He has taken over 100 cases to jury trial in his long and distinguished career. If you or your loved one is facing the huge resources of prosecutors, police and the consequences of a felony prosecution, you need to have the experience and skill of Edward Flint on your side.
  2. DUI
    Driving Under the Influence is one of the most complex and difficult criminal defenses, and requires an experienced, skilled lawyer to protect you from the serious consequences of an arrest and conviction. These include drivers license suspensions, jail, required installation of ignition interlock devices on your car, restricted licenses, heavy fines, and a 10 year criminal record. Let Edward Flint educate you and assist you in understanding your rights, and use his extensive knowledge and experience to fight back. Did you know that you do NOT have to perform field sobriety tests? But if you are arrested for DUI, you could be required to take a breath, blood or urine chemical test, and refusing could cost you your license 18 months or longer. When you are arrested for DUI in Utah, the clock starts running immediately on your opportunity to save your drivers license and Edward Flint will consult with you absolutely free about what you need to do to protect your rights.
  3. Misdemeanors
    Misdemeanors are criminal charges that carry penalties of one year or less in jail, and are mostly prosecuted in the Justice Courts. These include DUI, shoplifting, simple assault, Domestic Violence cases, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, and many traffic offenses. The collateral consequences of some convictions can include drivers license suspensions and depriving you of your 2nd Amendment right to possess firearms and ammunition. Simply giving in to the system and paying the fine is seldom where your punishment ends. You need to speak with a competent, experienced lawyer before you go to court on any Misdemeanor charge
  4. Domestic Violence
    That "DV" tag on what you thought was a simple case of an argument with your spouse, room mate, relative or even your ex-girlfriend, can cost you your rights to possess firearms or go hunting for the rest of your life. Domestic Violence is a terrible thing, but all too often, persons are charged with a "DV" assault, or "DV" criminal mischief for the wrong reasons, and simply giving in to the prosecutor could cost you dearly. Why is this? Edward Flint believes that federal legislation under the Violence Against Women Act, or "VAWA" is a big part of the problem, rather than the solution. Federal tax dollars are pumped into creating crimes where none really exist, because police officers, prosecutors, victim advocates and others are paid with that money, and they only keep their jobs if they make arrests and get convictions. Your own tax dollars are being used to create an incentive for the government to charge you with a "DV" and ruin your life, so they can keep their jobs. That's insane! Call Edward Flint today for a free consultation.
  5. Juvenile Court Cases
    Your child or grandchild may be charged with a crime in Juvenile Court. They could face detention, or in the worst cases, be certified as an adult and sent to adult jail or prison upon a conviction. Many adults also find themselves in Juvenile Court, as the parents of children charged with crimes, or charged with crimes themselves, including their child's truancy, or for neglect or abuse. Vindictive ex-spouses sometimes bring Juvenile Protective Order complaints in order to dodge the adult system. The Juvenile system is very different. There are no jury trials, many cases are determined on a lower standard of proof, there is a Guardian ad Litem who is supposed to be helping the child, but often is just a second prosecutor, and the consequences to you could include having your parental rights terminated. Call Edward Flint today for a free consultation.
  6. Accident and Injury Cases
    If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, or injured due to the negligence of someone else who caused you to slip and fall, or be bitten by their dog, you have the right to recover money damages to start to restore your health and compensate you for lost income, in addition to your past and future medical bills. You have all seen the guys on TV. Did you know that they pass off your case to paralegal assistants and junior lawyers? Your injury case deserves the personal attention of an experienced litigator, who personally answers your questions, returns your calls, communicates with you every step of the way, and personally negotiates your claim with the insurance company. Not some flunky. Call Edward Flint today for a free, no obligation consultation.